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Misfit1969 This is another great album from Witchhelm! I love the way these guys mix it up and still crush it! Great Music! Favorite track: Swamp Bitch.
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Will Absolutely nails the occult doom sound. They manage to combine a heavy rumbling doom sound with twisted folk, and the atmosphere the album creates is fantastic. Favorite track: I Am ( Wolf ).
Kevin Bell
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Kevin Bell Occult/doom pros Witchhelm provide a heavy helping of riffs in Jötunn. The distorted growls and conjuring bass of "Swamp Bitch" are matched by heavy drums that don't overtake the sludgy sound of the track. The doomy acoustic "I am (Wolf)," with reference to Yggdrasil, the Norse mythological tree that unites the nine worlds, expresses the beauty of this record. "Wytchcraft"offers a cryptic finish to a record that does not disappoint fans of this Ohioan occult stoner band. Favorite track: Swamp Bitch.
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Heavy Occult Stoner Doom
Art By Dammer Art


released January 2, 2016



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Witchhelm Ohio

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Track Name: Swamp Bitch
Faceless Gods, Restless Dreams, The Harp of Sovereign Prays
The Calling out from beyond, to hymn the druid haze
Deep Beneath the giant sun, the withered titan
Hellian, we gather among, the wolves ocean

willowed oak, ascendants of time, inside the black sun
Haunting howls, astral skies, The Guiding Indian
Nectar of Blood, The purging Flame, The vains of Giants
Under the eye, electric earth, hymns so sonic

Black Marsh, Sunken Tides
We gather towards the Wolf
Mother Earth of Sonic Doom

Electric, Swamp, Divine
Colossus of the Moon
Mother Earth of Sonic Doom
Track Name: I Am ( Wolf )
The Horrid face so cold
The Earth fell from the tides in the walls
A dire ancient plague
Unveiled a light, to catch all the rain
Haunted in ghostly calls
The Eerie vail of the occult
The Blight within me
The Hollows of night, they fall back to me

Necro-Matic runes
To bare down the hermetic lust
The seed of prometheus
To swallow the light, Conjured from dust
The Eerie veil of old
Roots bared down of Yggdrasil
Hollow unto me
To Hammer the skies, the hollow in me

The skies fall, Hollow the skull
And the roots rune the esoteric divine
The awe of alfader ride through the night
- I Am of Wolf -
Come unto me, conjure me sight